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I am trying to setup an app with a custom board using STM32F407.

I need to setup the size of the scrren as is shown in the picture below :

I need to use the full size of my display ( 480 x 320 ), as you can see the black region is not located in all the display surface.



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Hi Zakaria,

in Embedded Wizard Studio each UI component is surrounded by a so called Canvas Area border which is indicated by the thick blue border. This basically defines the size of the dedicated component, even when the UI component itself is bigger that this border. Thus, to adapt the UI component size, you need to Resize the Canavas Area. In comparison to that, the Profile attribute ScreenSize determines the Application size.

In your case, you have to change the 'w' (Width) and 'h' (height) parameters in the Bounds brick in order to resize your GUI component.

Furthermore, please adapt the size of the framebuffer configuration according to your display. You will find it in '/Application/Source/ewconfig.h' within your Build Environment.

#define FRAME_BUFFER_WIDTH              480
#define FRAME_BUFFER_HEIGHT             272

Best regards,


Hi Tim

thanks for your response.

the problem is resolved.



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