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Dear Embedded Wizard Support,

I have made some progress of my journey into the embedded wizard.
Currently i am having an issue with gradient rectangle in Empty Project, and any other projects.

Gradient is showing in the composer window.
When running Prototyper the gradient is lost.
When building on to platform STM32 with RGB888 settings the gradient is not there.

I am using the Free version 9.30.

Thank you in advance!

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it is not so easy to find the reason based on the provided information...

How did you create the gradient rectangle and how did you configure the rectangle?

If the gradient appears in the Composer window, then it should appear also in the Prototyper if the Property Visible is set to true. Please check the settings. 

What do you mean with "gradient is lost"? Does the rectangle not appear or is the rectangle filled with a solid color?

Are there any messages within the Log Window?

Best regards,



Dear Manfred,

this is what i have:




9:35:15.382> Create UI thread...                          [OK]
9:35:15.382> Initialize Display...                        [OK]
9:35:15.382> Initialize Touch Driver...                   [OK]
9:35:15.382> Initialize Memory Manager...                 [OK]
9:35:15.382> Initialize Graphics Engine...                [OK]
9:35:15.382> Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...        [OK]
9:35:15.382> Create Embedded Wizard Viewport...           [OK]
9:35:15.382> ---------------------------------------------
9:35:15.382> Target system                                STM32F756-Evalboard      
9:35:15.382> Color format                                 RGB888      
9:35:15.382> MemoryPool address                           0xC0124800  
9:35:15.382> MemoryPool size                              5992448 bytes
9:35:15.382> Framebuffer address                          0xC0000000  
9:35:15.382> Doublebuffer address                         0xC06DB800  
9:35:15.382> Framebuffer size                             832 x 480 
9:35:15.382> EwScreeenSize                                800 x 480 
9:35:15.382> Graphics accelerator                         DMA2D      
9:35:15.382> Vector graphics support                      enabled      
9:35:15.382> Warp function support                        enabled      
9:35:15.382> Index8 bitmap resource format                enabled      
9:35:15.382> RGB565 bitmap resource format                enabled      
9:35:15.382> Bidirectional text support                   enabled      
9:35:15.382> Operating system                             FreeRTOS      
9:35:15.382> External flash device                        QSPI Flash      
9:35:15.382> Linker section for bitmap pixel data         .SectionEwResource      
9:35:15.382> Linker section for font pixel data           .SectionEwResource      
9:35:15.382> Toolchain                                    GCC      
9:35:15.382> C-Compiler version                           7.3.1      
9:35:15.382> Build date and time                          Oct 14 2020, 09:28:51  
9:35:15.382> Runtime Environment (RTE) version            9.30 
9:35:15.382> Graphics Engine (GFX) version                9.30 
9:35:15.382> Max surface cache size                       536870912 bytes
9:35:15.382> Glyph cache size                             800 x 480 
9:35:15.382> Max issue tasks                              100      
9:35:15.382> Surface rotation                             0      
9:35:15.382> ---------------------------------------------




with the properties ColorTL...ColorBR you have the possibility to specify the color values for each corner individually. In this way you create gradients. These properties store in fact the real color values for the view.

Additionally, there is a convenience property Color. Changing this property modifies implicitly all the individual corner color values. As such this property is used when you want the view to be shown with a solid (not gradient) color. This property modifies thus the above mentioned properties ColorTL...ColorBR.

Consequently, the properties may be used exclusively. Either you specify a single, global color for the complete view in the convenience property Color or you specify individual colors for a gradient in the four properties ColorTL...ColorBR.

In your application case, I suppose, you have initialized both the global property Color and the individual properties ColorTL...ColorBR. In such case the property Color (depending on the order in which the operations are executed) may overrides the individual values stored previously in the properties ColorTL...ColorBR.

To solve the problem, remove the initialization of the property Color. How to do this is explained in the section Restore the default or inherited value.

Does it solve the problem?

Best regards,


Dear Manfred,

Problem solved,

Thank you again!

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