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Dear Embedded Wizard support,

I am having issue with screen orientation example project.
I have selected build in batch mode and select 90 degree, and the Embedded Wizard App says 'Generating code for the profile 'STM32_90'...
I have switched the 'Rotation' to 90 in my development environment
( only variable i could find was EW_SURFACE_ROTATION, which is not used in ew_bsp_display if double buffer is on..)
the STM32_0 works without problems,
I tried deleting the other profiles and keep only 90, and delete the landscape application, no results, also 270 gives same error.

8:41:31.971> Create UI thread...                          [OK]
8:41:31.971> Initialize Display...                        [OK]
8:41:31.971> Initialize Touch Driver...                   [OK]
8:41:31.971> Initialize Memory Manager...                 [OK]
8:41:31.971> Initialize Graphics Engine...                [OK]
8:41:31.971> Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...        EMWI ERROR: code: 242, info: "ApplicationBall"
8:41:31.971> For details please visit https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/errors
8:41:31.971> PANIC: System halted

Thank you in advance!

I will try to change the screen size of the project from 800x480 to 480x800. (did not help)
180 does not work either

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if you are using the example ScreenOrientation, just select the profile with the desired orientation and generate the code for that.

Then you should do only

make install

in order to rebuild the application with gcc. There is no need to change any settings within the configuration or makefile.

Does it work? Btw: Which target are you using?

Best regards,


Dear Manfred,

I am using 'TrueSTUDIO' for the STM32F756-Evalboard.
Actually i am using a compatible form of TrueSTUDIO, which is STM32CUBEIDE.
For these i cannot run 'make install', i have build and clean project, and i can step through the project.

Please do not forget to set the PostProcess as mentioned in the section Using Atollic TrueSTUDIO - this ensures that the project has the correct settings. And a clean of the project is helpful...


Dear Manfred,

I have prostProcess linked, maybe this could help:

When i run MAKE i get errors because there are not in-snyc with the project i have on the TrueSTUDIO folder.
Should i try to add the devenv.cmd from the GCC folder into the TrueSTUDIO folder, and change the StartGccBuildEnviroment.bat to StartTrueSTUDIOBuildEnviroment.bat and call the cmd /K Application\Project\TrueStudio\devenv.cmd?

or this

10:22:21.080> Toolchain                                    GCC  


I'm not sure if you are on the right track by doing such patches....

I can confirm that the ScreenOrientation demo is working with gcc/make, IAR, Keil and Atollic TrueSTUDIO. This was tested and should work without the need for any modifications or patches.

STM32CubeIDE is not supported with version 9.30. However, with our next version 10.00 (available Nov20) we are switching from Atollic TrueSTUDIO to STM32CubeIDE. I hope you can work with TrueSTUDIO or command line gcc/make meanwhile...

Best regards,

Example project now has working 90 degree orientation.

Always set postProcess command correct!

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