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How do you connect an Observers Outlet with a Property in Chora?
E.g., I tried:
Custom11_Observer.Outlet = Application::Device.PROFILE_Custom_11[(int32)Application::Device.CIRAS_ActiveProfile];

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Hello Mike,

the Outlet expects a reference to the affected property. Assuming you have an autoobject Application::Device containing a property named Setting, following would be the code to establish the connection (Note the usage of the ^ operator to get the reference to the property)

ObserverObject.Outlet = ^Application::Device.Setting;

See also:

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Does it help you?

Best regards

Paul Banach


I had tried the carrot too: 

Custom11_Observer.Outlet = ^Application::Device.PROFILE_Custom_11[(int32)Application::Device.CIRAS_ActiveProfile];

But that generates the error:
[2.11.2020  9:19:13] Error Application::Setup_Custom.Init (2:28) : Expected property name right to the reference operator '^'.


Hello Mike,

as the error message indicates, the expression right to the reference operator has to be a property. So far I understand your code, you are trying to create a reference to an array element.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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