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I have a profile with ScreenOrientation = Ratated_270.
When I test this profile with the prototyper, a  trace "$ScreenOrientation" shows me always the value "Normal".
Is this a prototyper bug?
I use version 8.30

Kind Regards
Giuseppe Mangiameli

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Hello Giuseppe,

the attribute ScreenOrientation exists to compensate eventual rotation how the display will be installed in your resulting product/device. During the Prototyping the attribute has no effect (it is forced to the value Normal) ensuring that the GUI application does appear arranged similarly to what the user will see in the final product. In other words, during Prototyping the GUI does not appear rotated if ScreenOrientation is other than Normal. This special behaviour during Prototyping is mentioned in the documentation Member attributes: ScreenOrientation.

Does it help you?

Best regards

Paul Banach

I had suspected something like this. I understand now.
Thank you.

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