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Hello, I have a problem with the vertical list. 
I would like to make a menu bar where the icons change shape when you select them and change their shape when you press them. 

I have derived a pushbutton and built my Vertikal list there. 

Unfortunately nothing changes when I click the button, it does not jump to the Touch Scrren events or the Keyboard events. 

the statmangent is permanently Sclected = true

Where could there be the bug

Thanks for the Help









BracketButton UpdateViewState:


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Hello Simon,

from your description it is difficult to say what is not working as expected. One idea: do you have any Touch Handler (e.g. the Slide Touch Handler) arranged in front of the Vertical List? In such case the handler would catch all touch events and prevent the buttons lying behind it from being able to receive them. See also the section: Combine several Touch Handlers together. In such case you should arrange the Touch Handler behind the Vertical List.

If the above hint does solve the problem, can you upload a project demonstrating your implementation for analyze purpose?

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hi Paul

It was really the Touch Handler, I had to place it one level below the vertical list and it worked

thank you very much for your help

Best regards


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