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i am suraj 

i just started working on embedded wizard projects in which i am just doing the example project and with that i am doing a project in slide handler and so i am getting the error in the popup format in the output part of the execution and so please do help me for continuing the process and to continue with the output process 

i have attached the popup error for further reference

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Hi Suraj,

it seems that your message is not complete...

Can you please explain the problem and let us know your questions?

Furthermore, please have a look into the Log Window within Embedded Wizard Studio in order to inspect warnings or error messages related to your project.

Best regards,


hi manfred,

i got the solution, thank you

the mistake i have made was being in the same appliaction i was calling the path from the root and i have missed the point of overlapping the application files and make it visible at the right time using timers
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Hello Suraj,

the comment preceding the reported error explains following:

It seems that in your implementation you access the Owner of the Application class to add some GUI component. In other words you perform a kind of operation like Owner.Add(...). Simply omit the preceding Owner in this case. When the error occurs, open the Call stack window and review the call history. There you should be able to see who is calling Add(). If you are not able to find the error source, you can upload your example so we will analyze it.

Best regards

Paul Banach

hi paul,

you are right in this point of view but i have called the application files while staying at the home of his itself and so i was facing a problem and so i have removed the owner name from the path and so i got the solution

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