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i am suraj.

i am currently working in a project in which 8 push buttons should be used so that i attached eight push button and then gave the options of sliding the tabs and so the three push buttons works perfect and so others but the only problem is that the operations will be performed only three times and the push button 1,2,3 works as told but at the fourth push button it will not do the respective tabs and so after performing that it is stopping showing a glitch in the screen and so it will not work until it is made plug out and plugged in for the next time.


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Hi Suraj,

unfortunately the attached file contains only the *.ewp file and not other files of the project (*.ewu files and all used resources).

Please try to explain what you have implemented, what you expect, what is not working as expected and what your questions are. This helps all to follow the conversation. Inserting some images and a description would be better than just pushing the code.

By the way: Is this issue related to the other post ("getting a glitch at the beginning of the program")?

Best regards,


Hi Manfred,

i have tried to implement a project in which to display the image first and then at the next few seconds the slide should be happen and get me to the next screen where i can choose the led and the corresponding operation of the push button and so the problem i faced was in the execution part in which i told before itself

i will try to send the project copies in image format soon.

Best Regards,


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