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i am suraj.

i am working in a project where for every time the push button is pressed the value in the value display should increase and show the correct value of the times the push button is pressed.

i can't understand from the master class, please do give a reference and a solution

thank you

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Hello Suraj,

assuming you have a GUI component containing already a Push Button and a Value Display to display the counter, following would be the possible approach:

Step 1: add a new slot method to your GUI component.

Step 2: Assign the slot method to the button's property OnActivate.

Step 3: Open the slot method and implement following or similar code:

ValueDisplay.CurrentValue = ValueDisplay.CurrentValue + 1;

So far the necessary steps.

Have you worked through the Quick Tour chapter? It demonstrates the typical workflow tasks including also such basics like: how to add a push button and how to connect a slot method to it. May be it helps you further? Also interesting is the chapter Using Widgets: Push Buttons explaining the usage of the push button in detail and the chapter Using Widgets: Value Display explaining this widget.

Best regards

Paul Banach

hi paul,

thank you for your help i made it with your steps

it actually worked

and i am facing a problem now is that always when i turn on the board once again and see the output, the previous output is been displayed and then the operation i need to perform is been executed.

for specific, i have dumped the code and run the program in the board and disconnected after viewing the output but after sometime when the output is been viewed, when i reconnect, using the power supplied to the board, the program executes while executing the output of the previous last step is been viewed first and then the current program is been executed.

thank you

best regards

Hi Suraj,

I'm sorry but I do not understand the new problem...

It seems that it is not related to the original question - so please open a new thread if the new issue does not belong to the current thread. In any case, please try to explain the issue more detailed.

Thanks and best regards,


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