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i am suraj

i am working in a project where i want to send a signal or the input through the gui and the output should be in the gpio pin the board 

i have referred the corresponding link for an example forma of functioning it but i am stucked with a question that where is the port pin selection is been done as example for the port 3 and pin 21 selection the corresponding pin with port will be initialized and so i couldnt able to find it here 

there is the place it has been given as to be port write high or low 

i have attached the page which i referred for further reference 

in device integration, i found that the device class should be the application class for the gui and the pin value is been told to initialize or told to give the state but i have a doubt that without knowing the device gpio port and the pin how can i give the value to be high or low.


do help me as soon as possible

with regards


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Hi again Suraj,

in my view, this question is basically the same as your previous question here and as result of it, both threads will lead into the same answers from ourselves.

So, may you could do me a favour? To prevent messing up all the questions and answers, could you please wait until the previous question is answered/close?

Btw, due to the current hard lockdown and Christmas rush we probably won't be able to answer that fast as the previous days.

Best regards,



hi tim,

sorry for the inconvenience i thought talking to someone individual and the whole community difference but you have given me the answer, thanks for it.

i will not repeat it again

with regards


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