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i am suraj

i have just found the output directory of the output code to be stored in the generatedcode part of the application for the lpc54628 board 

then i saw that there is a block where the slot i made it was as such as the same in gui, but that was not my question by how to code in such a way that the gpio pin should be written in lpc54628 header file and name it and make it as 1 which i need a reference to code that 

i have attached the project for further reference 


thank you 

with regards


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Hi Suraj,

I assume your plan is to define GPIOs in dedicated header file within Embedded Wizard Studio. Technically this is not the correct ‘direction’. Embedded Wizard Studio respectively the automatically generated code based to already configured HW from you C project. 

So, could you please open the C project with an IDE (like MCUXpresso) and do configure the your GPIOs there?

The example ‘/Examples/DeviceIntegration’ (please also take a look to this doc article: Device Integration) in combination with the BSP file under ‘/TargetSpecific/es_bsp_inout.c/.h’ already contain everything to be used as example. There you can see that the GPIO port itself is not configured in Embedded Wizard Studio.

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hi tim,

you have mentioned it is as a wrong idea and told that it has not defined but take a look at the article or reference in which the pin can be configured as said there

i am confused at that stage only

my confusion is that without declaring or knowing what the port and the pin been initialized, how can i be told to keep it high or low.

with regards


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