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i am suraj

i am working in a project in which the pheripherals are to be controlled via the embedded wizard gui studio

if it is possible do tell me with a reference

and what is the use of device handler is it to communicate with the device or for handling both the board pheripherals and the gui lcd screen

with regards


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Hi Suraj,

As my colleague Manfred already has answered to your previous question, the example ‘DeviceIntegration’ in combination with the related documentation DeviceIntegration are the almost perfect answer for your needs. Please take a look into the DeviceDriver class within the embedded wizard project and the c source files under ‘Application/Soruce/DeviceDriver.c’ and ‘TargetSpecific/ew_bsp_inout.c’. In the Embedded Wizard project you can find a Checkbox which can enable and disable an LED on your board and in the c source code files you can find the code which controls the peripherals for this feature.

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what driver is been present between the embedded wizard and the development board i mean the lpc54628

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