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Hi, I am using the IMX RT 1050 board.

I will receive the UDP data from other system. After receiving the udp data i want to display the data in GUI.

How can i can link the data received by IMXRT 1050 in MCUExpress IDE and display in Embedded wizard IDE.
Can any one share the procedure or sample code.




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Hello Krishna,

please have a look into the folder /Examples of your Build Environment - there you will find the example "DeviceIntegration". It shows how you can interact with the underlying system - in this case it is very simple - just a hardbutton, a LED and the serial interface. You can use this application as a template for your development as this example shows all the fundamentals.

Furthermore, there are two articles within our knowledge base that explains all necessary steps to make a proper device integration:

Integrating with the device

Implementing a Device Interface

Concerning the data protocol and the integration of the network software stack - let me refer to the corresponding examples that you will find within the MCUXpresso SDK for i.MXRT1050.

I hope this helps...

Best regards,




I have already explored the device integration example. I am able to do LED on/off, Button Press Event.

But i want to display the data received in UDP Packet. For this scenario, there in no procedure or examples available.

Can u please provide the example or procedure for receiving the UDP packet and display in GUI.


Hi Krishna,

I'm sorry - but we do not have any example that shows the data reception of UDP packets and the corresponding presentation within a GUI.

The documentation referred by the provided links should give you all the theory to make your GUI application. Of course, if you have dedicated questions during your implementation you will get some help here. For that, it is always helpful when you explain what you have done so far, what your goal is and what issue you have. Then it is possible to provide helpful advices.

Best regards,


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