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hi, i am suraj,

how to initialize or perform the function overloading in this code in which the gpio and the pin is supposed to be declared.

it executes and gets build in embedded wizard but got an error in the lines which i added in the code in mcuexpresso ide 

why, it is because we will not able to do as so did above or something else??

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Hello Suraj,

when Embedded Wizard Studio is generating the code, the Inline Code is placed "as it is" within the generated C code. This code fragment is typically used to place some #include statements into the generated code. Embedded Wizard Studio has no knowledge about the semantic of this code fragment, because it is a piece of C code. Therefore, you will not get any error reports within Embedded Wizard Studio, when there are errors within this code fragment. Thus, you will get errors from your C compiler (in your case MCUXpresso).

In line 3 and 4 of your Inline Code, you have placed some function calls outside of a C function, which is not possible or allowed in the C language.

If you want to make some C function calls from your GUI application, please use the native statement. For more information, please see the chapter Integrating with the device.

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