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Hello guys !

I'm actually working on an Embedded wizard project and I want to display an analogue value that comes from the ADC.

I followed the steps of this documentation: Implementing a Device Interface: Property and I generated the code to KEIL IDE.

The problem is that I couldn't call the update function to modify the value of the property (in run-time)

please check the screenshots below to understand more,

thanks for help !


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first of all, let me recommend to have a look into the example "DeviceIntegration" that you will find within the Build Environment of the STM32F746-Discovery (subdirectory /Examples).

You can compile it by using the Keil IDE as any other of the provided examples. The example demonstrates how to interact with the underlying system and how to exchange data. When you press the hardbutton, a counter value is increased and the value is shown within the simple GUI application. Instead of incrementing a value while the hardbutton is pressed, you can read the ADC and forward the value.

Concerning the error message: You try to access Application::Application instead of Application::DeviceClass which is used as interface to the underlying device driver. Please compare your project with the mentioned example.

Best regards,


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