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Is it possible to read the colour value of a pixel for a component / view at point<x, y>? Essentially read within the GUI the value that would be passed to the display?

I am looking to implement a colour check of a user imported image (ExternalBitmap) to see if it clashes with other elements.

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Hi Phil,

are you looking for a solution to access the content of a bitmap or do you want to read the content of the resulting framebuffer?

In case you want to access an image (e.g. an external bitmap) you can use EwLockBitmap() in the similar manner as you write the content of an extern bitmap and iterate through the rows of pixel. In case you want to access the framebuffer - it depends on the target that you are using and how the framebuffer is used (e.g. double buffering).

Let me know...

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