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Hello EW Team,

I have a question related to the displaying symbols such as        with combination of strings , for example like “ECO/ ”. The Font I am using is MayberryProSymbol with Embedded Wizard version 10.0.

Could you please provide the info which resourse needs to be used to display such strings with symbols and method to do so  ?


Thank you



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Hello Hemanth,

in order to display a special glyph, you have to use its corresponding character code. Assuming the glyph  has the code 0x1234 within the font MayberryProSymbol, then you enter the escape sequence \x1234 in the string where you want to use the glyph. For example "ECO/\x1234". Which exact code has to be used depends on the glyph you want to display and the font.

Important: Embedded Wizard includes only those glyphs which are explicitly specified in the attribute Ranges belonging to the respective font resource. Assuming the code is 0x1234 then you will need to specify this code in the Ranges attribute.

Further hint: from your question I'm not sure whether all glyphs (e.g. the signs E C O) and the special sign (e.g.  ) come from one and the same font. In the case MayberryProSymbol does not contain any of the regular signs (e.g. E C O) and it only contains the special signs, you will need to configure the font resource so that it includes two fonts: The MayberryProSymbol font with the special glyphs and other font for all the regular glyphs. How to do this is explained in the section Localize a font resource.

Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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