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I've followed the tutorial here for running a demo project on my Raspberry Pi B 4 with the Touch Display 7". Everything works right up until I try to run the compiled binary. I get the following error:

pi@raspberrypi:~/share/Application/Project $ ./EmbeddedWizard-RasPi-4B
GfxSystemInit: Cannot access display configuration of '/dev/dri/card0'!
Initialize Display...                        [failed]

The tutorial calls for the Raspbian Buster Lite image, but the link is no longer valid, so I installed the Raspberry Pi OS Lite image (v5.4, Jan 11,2021). 
I've ensured that my GL driver is set to OpenGL desktop driver with fake KMS .

I tried running the "Master Demo" as well, and I get the same error.

Any suggestions?

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thanks for reporting the issue!

A couple of days ago we also noticed that the different examples are no more working out-of-the-box on a RasPi-4B due to the new Raspberry Pi OS Lite. We are just working on an update of our Build Environment including an improved DRM initialization.

I will post a notification here as soon as we have a solution online.

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the Build Environment for Raspberry Pi 4B is now adapted to work with the latest Raspberry Pi OS Lite 2021-01-11.

Please register once more and download the latest version.

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