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any example to get the input from Text Editor box

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please take a look at the provided example 'Editor'. It is based on the component template Text Editor.

Does it help you?

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Paul Banach

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 i took the help of that project and was able to edit the text and write the text but i am not able to get value of that string from Text Editor
Create a new Property with data type string. For example name it DataFromText.

Add a button and connect the slot method to it. In the slot, write:

DataFromText = TextEditor.String;

After pressing the button, the text content will be stored in DataFromText.

If you want to assign a value from a variable to the Text Editor use:

TextEditor.String = YourPropertyWithString;


the Text Editor exposes a property String. To get the actual content of the Text Editor, simply evaluate the property. To change the content, as mentioned by Kyo, assign a new string to the property. For example:

// Get the actual content from the Text Editor
var string text = TextEditor.String;

// Change the content
TextEditor.String = "Hello World!";

Also please note the property OnChange. When you assign to this property a slot method, the Text Editor will invoke the method automatically each time the user modifies the text. In the slot method you can implement your desired operations to handle the event.

I hope, it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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