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When is use Compressed option for mode of bitmap resources in EW IDE the code hangs in EwInitGraphicsEngine(0); or sometimes RootObject = (CoreRoot) EwNewObjectIndirect(EwApplicationClass, 0);

But when i use Direct Acces i get the display working.

i did not understand this .

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based on the provided information it is difficult to help you...

Can you please let us know which target you are using, which Build Environment you are using, which Embedded Wizard version you are using.....

Are you talking about a custom specific hardware?

What are the console outputs?

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I have a custom harware and

i use LTDC+LCD-TFT for display.(screen size 1024x600).

I only use single framebuffer (SDram+fmc).

I use (quadspi+external flash) for stroring the .SectionEwResource in external memory.

I have my own External loader.

My microcontroller is STM32F777NIHX.

I have adapted the code of STM32F746 Discovery Board.

I use Embedded Wizard V10.0 as IDE.

We have Professional License too.

I dont have USART in custom hardware so can not use console.


please try to get a console working in order to receive error messages from the target. This helps enormously for this and other errors.

Furthermore, let me recommend to execute the SDRAM memory test in order to ensure that (uncompressed) data that is loaded into SDRAM gets not corrupted.

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Thank you for this information , i will implement USART in new custom hardware but till then i have to work in dark.

that SDRAM function where shoul i need to include . Is it in the main.c or somewhere in the EW main loop.


Secondly, related to gui devlopment:

1. I want 5 images controlled by a single and if i press the button 2nd image should come and when i press again 3rd image should come and it should go in loop but the button should be only one.

(i can do by one method where i put 5 different images in 5 different dialog. and have 5 buttom in each one so if i press the first button in the first dialog) i use the solt method(Swithtodialog(Secondimage, null, null,........,flase)) . Is there any other method to make it simple in only one dialog

Please put the SDRAM test code snippet before the initialization of the memory manager (the function call EwInitHeap() can be found in ewmain.c).

If you do not have a possibility to connect a USART - do you have a debugger? Then you can monitor the function EwPrint().

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