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In my project, I need the menu with mixed types of parameters like some parameters are of type enable-disable, some parameter required slider. Thus I have referred to the “vertical-list-2” example provided by the Embedded wizard.

Below are the steps I have followed to understand how to create mix type of item list in the vertical list

  1.  I created the new project in the same components created as shown in the “vertical-list-2”  like SwithcItem , SliderItem , ButtonItem

  2.  In the example” vertical-list-4” same I have created is working, but in the case of the “vertical-list-2” I found that the new “WrapperItem” item is introduced and created the mixed type of item list.

  3. After following all the steps and configurations as given in the “vertical-list-4”, it is displaying the list title, but the item list is not showing.

Could you please guide me on how to resolve this issue?

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without knowing your project, it is difficult to say why your implementation does not work. Maybe the usage of Vertical List for this application case is less ideal? I would recommend you to take a look at the Outline Box. It allows you to create scrollable contents (like menus) and the items can have different types and sizes.

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Paul Banach

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