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As a beginner of Embedded Wizard, I am trying to create a user interface from which you can run, read, write data in a .c file. I want to communicate from EW to a Raspberry pi 3, and vice versa. In a first time I just want for example to print a HelloWorld in the Raspberry terminal or change EW Text content, but for a further application I would integrate some voice recognition. I already looked at the Device Integrations articles and some previous questions but it doesn't seems clear to me on a few points :

  • Which blocks do I need for this ? (Is there a generic template to repeat ?)
  • In a Device method block ,are they precise code lines/keywords to run/write/read a file ?
  • How can I "link" a .c file to EW ? (Where do I put the file ? or a command so EW can locate it)

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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have you seen the example "Device Integration" that is provided within the set of examples in the Build Environment for Raspberry Pi 3? It is located in the subdirectory /Examples/DeviceIntegration and shows the basics about starting a certain action from the GUI and updating the GUI from the underlying system. It is intended to serve as template for your own developments.

You own C files have to be added to the makefile in order to compile them together with the GUI application and other software packages. There is no need (or possibility) to put C code into an Embedded Wizard Studio.

I hope this helps...

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