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I have my problem, I would like to fill the OutlineBox with buttons. 
When I try in the init to switch the button embedded to true, it doesn't do it for me. 

See the screenshots ,

I hope someone could help me there 


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Hello Oachkatze,

What you observe is a known effect found in all Debugger windows when displaying values of so-called memoryless properties. The property Embedded (similarly to Visible and Enabled) is such memoryless property. It manages all onget and onset operations to the property in a different manner by mapping the access to an internal bit-field variable called viewState. Consequently, the property Embedded does not use its regular memory to store the value. This memory remains false for the entire life time of the property. The Debugger window, in turn, limits to display the contents found only in such memory. Therefore you see in the Debugger the value false although the property has changed to true. To get the real value, the Debugger window would need to execute the corresponding onget code each time you evaluate the property in the debugger. This in turn could have side effects on the application. So we had to decide to display the memory contents of properties only without executing the onget code.

Anyway, in the upcoming version 11.00 we could workaround this effect for all affected Mosaic properties (e.g. Visible, Enabled, Embedded). Now, when running the application in Prototyper, the onset operations do update their internal memory even if this not necessary for the function of the application. In this manner you can see in the Debugger windows the correct value. This new version will be released soon.

Besides the explained memoryless properties effect, do the buttons work as expected within the Outline Box? I'm asking this because your code seems to be fine. So if you have some problem to add buttons to the Outline Box, maybe you can upload a small project demonstrating such issue?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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