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Basic question, I could not see the "save as" project option. Can we make second copy of the project ?

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the 'save as' operation is not available. An Embedded Wizard project may consist of multiple project files and related resource files (e.g. PNG, TTF, BMP, ....) distributed over several directories. This makes the simple 'save as' operation to a complex task where decisions have to be made how to proceed with each individual file. Also dependencies between the files have to adapted after the copy operation is done.

In the simplest case, if you want to create a copy of the project, you copy the corresponding project directory containing the EWP and EWU project files. Also resource files (e.g. PNG, BMP, TTF, etc.) have to be copied. If the resource files exist already within the project directory, the operation is easy. All file dependencies are relative in such case. If the references to the files are absolute (e.g. the files exist on another drive), the operation will become more problematic. You will need to adapt the references to the corresponding files manually in the Embedded Wizard. Or, you edit the EWP and EWU files in a text editor and search/replace for the directory names.

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