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Hi Embedded Wizard team,

I'm testing your SolarDemo...
This demo allows you to change the page currently displayed by sliding your finger from right to left (or vice versa).
The scrolling starts only if a certain threshold is exceeded, otherwise it returns to the page in use (central page).

Who is responsible for managing the return to the page in use?
Is it related to the outline object?

Thank you for your help, best regards


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Hi Giorgio,

the class Solar::PanelCarousel is responsible to manage the different panels within the solar demo. It is implemented by using an OutlineBox where a CenterPanel (the currently visible one) and a LeftPanel (left neighbor) and a RightPanel (right neighbor) are placed.

The managing of the touch gestures (and the resulting shift left or shift right operations) are done by the SlideTouchHandler. The property ResetSpace can be used to configure the slide behavior. The property SnapNext defines the distance between the panels so that the OutlineBox snaps into full panel positions.

Does this answer your question?

Best regards,


Ok perfect.

Best regards


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