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I'm using EW for target platform Raspberry Pi.

When i run app i get initialize display failed.

I couldnt find where the problem is and when i can change drm device node from card0 to card1.

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the DRM device node is detected automatically, there is no setting to choose card0 or card1.

In order to help you, let me ask you some questions:

  • What display settings have you made in the configuration file ewconfig.h?
  • Which displays are connected on DSI, HDMI0 and HDMI1?
  • Do you see the console outputs of the boot sequence on the HDMI display?
  • What display setting have you made in /boot/config.txt?

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HDMI is connected to HDMI 0

and the settings of your request is on the picture below


is there something connected on DSI and/or HDMI1?

Do you see the console outputs during the boot sequence of the RasPi on the HDMI display?

What happens when you set EW_DISPLAY_USE_PREFERRED_MODE 1?

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I think I resolve problem by modify a config.txt on Raspberry 4B we need to declare hdmi_group and hdmi_mode for each HDMI like on the picture below:

Right now everythink is ok

Great to hear that it is working now!

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