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We are planning to use Embedded Wizard long with STMCube package (i.e. STMCubeMX + STMCube firmware)for one of our project and I'm trying to evaluate with the free version now.

The platform which we will select is either STM32F4/STM32F7 (probably higher end in each series) and the display is 5" LCD with 800x480 resolution, RGB888 format.

The GUI is mostly with a single screen and contain guage (or needle with a background image) and couple of waring/error signs. The display update shall happen in every 250ms time.

I would like to know the approximate memory utiization and processor frequency utilization of this Embedded Wizard GUI. Whether Embedded Wizard GUI can be optimized to run smoothly on the above platform configuration?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you in advance,
Ajith P V

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Hi Ajith,

Of course the memory utilization mainly depends on your set-up and GUI requirements. However, the parameters with the biggest impact are:

  • screen resolution
  • color format/depth
  • framebuffer configuration
  • format of used resources

So let's asume you want to create a GUI with 800x480 with RGB888 and double buffering. Then you would need already 800x480x3 (3 bytes per pixel) x 2 (due to double buffering) = 2.2MB only for the framebuffers. Then the memory needed by the Embedded Wizard framework itself has to be added. But that is just 32KB. Graphic resources and strings can also be accessed in a raw format directly from the flash memory without allocating additional memory.

When it comes to CPU load, we fully use the DMA2D capabilities and can thus reduce the CPU load as much as possible. Please have a look at our so-called GraphicsAcceleration demo application (found within the folder 'Examples/GraphicsAcceleration' within an Embedded Wizard Build Environment for STM32). There you can see the achievable framerate as well as the corresponding CPU load - also reflecting whether you have enabled or disabled the DMA2D module.

if you need further information or have further questions, please feel free to contact us via support@embedded-wizard.de. Then we can also discuss your project related GUI requirements in more detail.

Best regards,

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