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I like Embedded Wizard very much because it help me a lot in my project. Now I have a problem, I'm using "Core: Time" to make a CLOCK in my GUI, at simulation it work very well, but when I use STM32F746 Discovery Kit to run GUI it not working. The Clock not show the Real Time (It show 00:00) although I have set the RTC. Please help me, I'm close to my deadline. My "main.c" file is below, please take a look and guide me as detail as you can. My project use CUBEMX so I downloaded in url: https://ask.embedded-wizard.de/4257/incorporating-native-code. In my "main.c" file have some code related to MODBUS, you can ignore them. Please reply me soon, thank you very much.



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Hi there,

thank you for your compliment.

Unfortunately the RTC module itself respectively how to configure a RTC with CubeMX isn’t a part of our daily work nor a necessary part for the Embedded Wizard solution.

I only can forward you to our ready-to-use example named ‘Example/BezierClock‘. Have you already seen that example?

It also uses the RTC from the STM32F746 Discovery board and the RTC module is configured in ‘TargetSpecific/ew_bsp_clock.c’. Maybe this could help you to find out how the RTC module have to be configured correctly.

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Thank you for your answer. I saw the Bezier Clock Example, but when I use STM32F746 Discovery board to run this example the clock not show the real time. So how should I fix the code in the  "ew_bsp_clock.c" file to the clock show real time? Please help me. I really need you right now. Thank you very much.

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