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We are using Embedded Wizard v10.0 with IMXRT1172 board which is of 800*480 resolution. When 50% of HMI Contents are updating in stress mode ,  rest of the HMI screen which are not updating is flickering continuously. In our case Arc + Fill Path which we have is of large bounding box of 519*517 when blinking continuously , rest of the HMI Screen is flickering.

Here Fill path and rest of the contents(i.e. flickering in HMI Screen) are in two different classes, but the bounds is of 800*480 for all classes in our project.

Could you help us to analyze this issue further?


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Preethi S

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Hi Preethi,

of course, we can help to analyze this further.

Are there further information that you can provide? Are there any error messages on the console? What is your system configuration (ewconfig.h(? Is there enough memory for VGLite? Can you reproduce the same on the iMXRT1170-EVK board?

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