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If i tried to include the file in visual studio for win32 simulator in visual studio for x64 configuration i get an error

"#error "The 64-bit model of your compiler is not supported. Use LP64 model."

Please if you can advice for the same .

Same code is running for x86 windows platform

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the 64-bit compiler (and OS) supports diverse models how data types are handled on 64-bit CPUs. These models exist for compatibility purpose with older 32-bit systems.

In case of Embedded Wizard created application, the model LP64 is expected. In this model long and pointer operands are both 64-bit. Regular int variables are still 32-bit. Windows (unlike most UNIX derivates) supports the LLP64 model. Here, only long long and pointer operands are 64-bit. Regular long is still 32-bit. Embedded Wizard, however, uses internally long to store and calculate with pointers.

Therefore the Embedded Wizard code can't be compiled for 64-bit Windows. The above error message is reported during compilation. The unique workaround is to configure the compiler for x86 (32-bit CPU).

Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach

thanks for the reply .

So I understand for Windows we need to configure for x86 only
hi paul ,


how to close the GUI application from windows i.e win32

it tried with

 if ( DeviceObject )
    EwUnlockObject( DeviceObject );


but it does not close the application

Hello Pidea,

I would refer in this case to following thread Closing UI application with button.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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