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Hi All,

I have got Embedded Wizard (EW) running on custom board, which has LCD with a resolution of  240 x 320 (color depth  = 3). We are using this board as starting point for another product. This board has a STM32F429 with 1MB of internal static RAM and 64Mb of external SDRAM. The future requirement is to use no SDRAM and have STM32  MCU with  512MB of internal RAM and run EW from there. My question is it possible and what is the memory pool requirement?, how do I test this on our present hardware?  



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Hi Mike,

have you seen our article about the Memory Footprint - it should address all the aspects to estimate the Data Memory (RAM) usage and all details to optimize the Data Memory (RAM) usage.

Best regards,


Hi Manfred,

Much thanks, I will check it out.



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