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Hi Gents,

 I'm trying to access certain glyphs that should be available but aren't rendering. I get the [X] EW displays when a glyph is unavailable.

The font is Roboto Light. And I've set the range from 0x20 all the way up to 0xFFFF

For reference: https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/font/roboto/grid.htm

But when I try to access the Phi glyph by using "\x03C6" I get the [X]


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Hi Mike,

are you sure that your Roboto Light that you have installed on your PC (or the TTF file that you are using within your project) contains the glyph 0x03C6?

Does it work with other fonts? Just to make sure if the font does not contain the glyph or if your font settings and strings are not correctly.

I just verified it within a HelloWorld example and the Greek character appears as expected.

Best regards,


I've tested it with MS Word and it appears:

And here's my EW config for this font [EDIT this is on EW 9.3]:


Where are things going wrong???




I just tried the following settings - please try the same on your side:

Does it work?

Got it! Thanks!

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