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I am working on the Text where the text.label and then text.color need to be changed.

mycode {

 Text.String = "Animation";

Text.Color =  #000000FF;


When i debug and trace out it show the correct value but on the screen text become invisble?


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Hi Pedia,

when you trace through your code you will see that the content of the properties changes immediately. However, the corresponding Text view will not change immediately when stepping through the code, because the Text view has to be redrawn.

Changing properties of views will mark the views as invalid - they will be redrawn within the next update cycle of the main loop.

Does this answer your question? If there is some other behavior, please provide a simple example.

Best regards,

If i understood correctly in one cycle only one change(properties such as string, color, font) of the text view will be reflected.
No, you can set many properties within your method and the update will happen afterwards.
But if one properties is updated immediately then second properties should also set by default .
What do you mean? Sorry I don't get the point....
If the text can update the string value immediately , then the same text color should also update immediately . No need to wait for next cylce?

Does it clarify my point?
Can you please provide a simple example? Then we are sure that we are talking about the same.
ok sure give me some time

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