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Greetings to all.

Could some one please explain the below error code.

EMWI ERROR: code: 335, info1: C01C2000, info2: 22

The function EwVerifyHeap() has detected an incoherence in internal Heap Management structures. info1 specifies the address of the affected memory area within the memory pool (see function EwAddHeapMemoryPool()). info2 specifies the number of the failed coherence test.

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the error message indicates that there happens some memory corruption within the memory area managed by the Heap Management.

Typically, the following reasons can cause such a situation:

1.) SDRAM is not working properly, timing is not correctly or refresh does not work properly => Please ensure that the SDRAM is working correctly by using our SDRAM memory test.

2.) Memory becomes corrupted because of accessing Embedded Wizard GUI application from several threads or tasks. Please be aware that the entire user interface application has to be executed in the context of one thread - the GUI thread. For other purposes (e.g. receiving data from a network, accessing some hardware drivers,...) you can create as many worker-threads as you need. See also Avoid multithreading.

3.) Overwriting memory, e.g. within your own decoded bitmaps when using Extern Bitmap interface or incorrect access of strings within native code.

I hope this helps...

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