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Hello EW support team,

I started using the new PXP version of the software for RT1170 and I have one question. How do I choose whether FreeRTOS is used or not with the PXP version? After generating the project, it seems that the FreeRTOS functions are never called anywhere but at the same time the FreeRTOS files are included and there are things like the preprocessor defined symbol "FSL_RTOS_FREE_RTOS" in the project configuration.



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Hi David,

in case you are using GCC/makefile, then you can simply set the flag FREE_RTOS = 0 within the makefile and the binary will be build without the usage of FreeRTOS.

In case you are using one of the supported IDEs, then a few more steps are necessary. For example, if you are using MCUXpresso, then follow these steps:

1.) Open the Project Settings and select the page 'C/C++ Build' - 'Settings' - 'Tool Settings' - 'Preprocessor'. Delete the define FSL_RTOS_FREE_RTOS and set EW_USE_FREE_RTOS=0


2.) Exclude the files of FreeRTOS from the build process. Make a right-click on the project folder 'freertos' and select the menu item 'Resource Configuration' - 'Exclude from Build...'

Now you can rebuild the project and the resulting binary will be also without the usage of FreeRTOS.

I hope this helps...

Best regards,


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It seems that manually removing the rtos related files and include paths and defined symbols doesn't affect the functionality of the generated GUI app. Is there a way to do that automatically from EWS?
There is a #if EW_USE_FREE_RTOS == 1 that can be used to switch between bare-metal and rtos.

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