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Dear sir,

I want to use E-ink screen for some product solution. But most of E-ink only has SPI interface. 

So, my questions are:

  1. How to select the PlatforPackage in EW Studio, LumA44 format?
  2. If it is LumA44, then does it support Black/Write E-ink (non-Grayscale )?
  3. Do you have example to show how to use SPI to drive E-ink screen or LCD screen?

Thanks a lot.



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Hello Jerry,

we have done some demo applications for a STM32L4 target with an ePaper display a couple of years ago.

In principle, you can adapt your own e-ink screen via SPI - let me recommend to use one of the Build Environments that are already using an SPI data protocol to update the content of the display, like ESP-WROVER-KITLPCXpresso55S69i.MX RT1010 or STM32G070 Nucleo.

What microcontroller do you have in mind to use? Maybe one of the mentioned packages is suitable.

If a Platform Package supports the color format LumA44, you can select it within the attribute PlatformPackage of your GUI project. LumA44 is a good color format to make the graphics composition for an e-paper solution. If your e-ink display supports only black and white, you can use only the MSB of the luminance of every LumA44 pixel.

Does this help you?

Maybe you can share more details about your project.

Best regards,



Dear Manfred,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, it is only my idea and want to learn how to drive ePaper by SPI.

Base on your suggestion, I'll try to build a simple Demo if it is possible.

Thanks again.


Best regards,


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