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I am using text editor template

I have one query , I removed all the touch and slide handler and it respective slot method

In widget I can see the Caret visible

But when it is used in another component

Caret is not visible, before when touch and slide handler was present at that time when the editor is clicked it was showing caret

I used the approach I drag the editor in the gui component . So in editor updateviewstate method  

if (astate.contain(core::viewstate[focused]) is not true and that is why blinkeffect is disabled

So am I missing some steps that need to folow

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Hello Mike,

the blinking caret indicates that the editor is actually focused. It means, when the user presses a key, the key event will be processed by the editor. The editor automatically attracts the focus when the user touches within its area. You can focus the editor also programmatically. For this purpose:

1. Open the component containing the embedded instance of the editor.

2. In Inspector window look for the member this. This member represents 'this' component opened actually in Composer.

3. Select the member this.

4. Now the Inspector lists the properties of this. Look there for the property Focus.

5. Edit the property Focus to refer the editor instance.

Following screenshot demonstrates it:

Now, the Editor is focused per default. For more information see the section: Keyboard events and the focus path.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach



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