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Hello, I am developing an application with the Wizard version 9.3 for RT1064 with a TFT 600 * 1024 10.1 ", can the video sensor be used? How is it done?
Do you have an example?

Greetings Daniel

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Hello Daniel,

unfortunately, there is no ready-to-use example that demonstrates the integration of a video sensor or camera within an Embedded Wizard GUI application on an i.MX RT1064 target.

For all topics concerning the camera access, let me refer to  examples provided by NXP within the MCUXpresso SDK.

The integration within Embedded Wizard can be done by using the Applet Interface. This article describes all details about the integration of an external application (e.g. video decoder, camera).

In the past we had a similar discussion for STM32 here, maybe you can use this as example how to bring the camera data into an applet.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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