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Hi I am testing Embedded Wizard Studio for imx6, can I use IDE eclipse to compile the code from linux?

Greetings Daniel.

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Hi Daniel,

of course, you can use Eclipse as IDE to compile the GUI examples of the Build Environments that we have provided for i.MX 6/7/8. However, for all Linux based Build Environments we only provide ready-to-use GCC/makefile projects - only in case of MCUs we support different IDEs. The reason is simple, because typically on Linux systems GCC/makefile is commonly used, whereas you will find different toolchains for MCUs (e.g. KEIL, IAR and Eclipse based IDEs).

You have to create your own Eclipse project, using GCC compiler/linker with the particular settings for your target. The project templates within our Build Environments are based on GCC/makefile - you can find all necessary settings within the makefile.

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