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Hi paul,

I want to increase the vertical list size at run time and the label the change as per requirement.


What  I tried:

I made a widget based on example of list box ListBox.NoOfItems = 100;but I am unable to change the label at run time.

please do the needfull

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Hello Pidea,

Concerning your first question: "I want to increase the vertical list size at run time", please see the section: Specify the number of items within the list.

Concerning your second question: "... and the label the change as per requirement", I suppose you want the content of an item to be refreshed. In such case please see the section: Force the list to reload items.

I hope the referenced documentation helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

hi paul ,


I have started following document .

MeanWhile can you throw some light on the below error

Runtime Core::Group.InvalidateViewState (2:1) : Could not post again the signal '@0662BEEC.menuList.VerticalList.updateComponent'. This signal is currently in progress. The operation was ignored to avoid endless signal delivery. The current callstack is shown in the log messages below.

Hello Pidea,

it seems, this question is not related to the actual thread. For the future, when you want to ask a new question, please post it in a new thread. This makes easier for other users to follow the conversations.

Concerning your question: this is a warning. For description of this warning please see at the end of the chapter Statements: postsignal.

Why the warning is reported in your case, is difficult to say. I suppose, in your application you have implemented the method UpdateViewState and for reasons that are not known for me, your implementation requests again an invocation of this method. This would lead to endless invocations of this method. To avoid it, Embedded Wizard ignores this last postsignal and reports the warning.

As mentioned in the message, the corresponding callstack leading to the message is displayed in the Log window. You can thus evaluate the callstack and analyse the conditions leading to the warning message. You can also upload here a screenshot of the callstack for further analysis.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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