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is there an explanation of all KeyCodes?

I ran into the problem, that pressing "Enter" the KeyCode "Ok" is executed.

Other thing is, that there is no "CapsLock" KeyCode.

Best Regards Jonas

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Hello JK,

the section Keyboard inputs provides an overview for the diverse key codes. At its very beginnings, Embedded Wizard was used primarily to design software for TV sets. Due to this history, there is a large set of pre-defined key codes that correspond to diverse remote control commands (e.g. channel up/down). All these codes exist for compatibility purpose. This is the case with the code Ok. 

On the other side there are many codes typical to PC keyboards like ENTER. Both ENTER and OK has thus the same function. They exist however twice. To support old projects and new projects simultaneously such codes are thus sent twice 1x ENTER and 1xOK. The application can either react to ENTER or OK. You can consider the codes thus as synonym.

Usually CapsLock is handled internally within the keyboard (or more precisely in the corresponding text input machine). You can implement in your GUI application a key handler to react to some code corresponding to the CapsLock in your device and toggle this key state in a variable. Then when your component receives a regular key event containing a character code you can upper-case the character when the variable is set.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach



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