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   i need to create global variable and i want to access that variable from anywhere.

i referred documenation  : https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/autoobject-member?v=11.00

i have created autoobject class also.next wt i do.how to assign varible and how to access from other class

i need brief explanation.please share it.

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if you want to have variables (e.g. to store some settings) that should be accessible from different components within your applications, you can put these variables into a separate class and create an autoobject of this class (e.g. Application::Settings). Instead of variables you can use properties - then you can additionally use notifications and observers to inform your GUI components about changes within the settings class.

You can do the following:

Add a new class to your unit (e.g. Application) and rename it to Settings.

Open the class Settings and add your Properties to the class (e.g. Counter, Volume, ....).

Now, create an autoobject of the class Settings within the unit Application and rename it to GlobalSettings.

Within your application class, create a variableset the type to Application::Settings and set the initialization value to Application::Globals. This ensures that your global class is kept within the memory the whole runtime of the application.

Now you can access your global properties from everywhere in the GUI application, e.g.

Application::GlobalSettings.Volume = 5;

Application::GlobalSettings.Counter = 0;

Hope this makes it clear....

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i am creating small form .i have 3 textbox.i am getting value from text box and try to assign global variable

global variable object type.so  it is throwing error.

string not assign to object data type variable

this is our problem
Can you post a screenshot of the class Application::GlobalSettings?



here i have mentioned my updates.please check it


According to your screenshot, the type of the property Lastname is Application::Setting - but it should be String in order to store a string. Then you can make the following assignment:

Application::GlobalSettings.Lastname =   LastnameTextEditor.String;  //it is string value

Same for Firstname and Id.


Hi  Manfred Schweyer,

Thank you for your suggestions.I have apply changes.

With Regards,


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