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We are looking to capture the content on imx6 target display and I saw couple of similar queries here.

One way is to copy the /dev/fb content and convert it to png/Image file off-target, but in my case /dev/fb is not getting created. This option would have allowed to not make any change in the product code.

Another way explained by Embedded Wizard is to read the bitmap content in EwUpdate() and dump the framebuffer to a file. If I have to use this option I am curious about how can I process the framebuffer content and how to copy it to target at run time.

I know this question is not very precise and has nothing to do with EW but if it has simpler answer let me know.




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Hi Vikas,

in case you have access to the framebuffer, it is comfortable to capture the content within EwUpdate(). In all other cases it will be necessary to "hook" somehow into the system in order to dump the content of the screen.

In order to generate some ideas, let me know some more details:

* Which target are you using?
* Which Platform Package and Build Environment are you using (I assume one for the NXP i.MX targets)?

And maybe you can add some explanations about the use-case, how the screen capture will be used on the target.

Best regards,



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