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   I have created small form with few details lie name ,age mobile...

  when i select name_texteditor using mouse button  or  touch screen border color will be need to change.how to apply this property for other texteditor also.

I am using virtual keyboard for enter the field.so iam not able to use touch handlers.please guide me if other posiibility is there to change border color


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Hello Ramesh,

the Text Editor you are using is a template. The desired special behavior (e.g. border color) is custom specific and has to be added to this template explicitly. How you do this is up to you. Possibly approach:

1. Add a Border view to the Text Editor component.

2. Arrange the Border view to fill the component's area.

3. Configure the Border's property Layout to the value Core::Layout[AlignToBottom, AlignToLeft, AlignToRight, AlignToTop, ResizeHorz, ResizeVert] This ensures that the position/size of the Border view is automatically adapted if the Text Editor component is resized at the runtime. See also the section: Configuring component layout.

4. Within the Text Editor component open its method UpdateViewState() for editing. This method is executed each time the state of the component changes. For more details see the section Common component states.

5. In the method UpdateViewState() add following code to show/hide the Border view depending on the Focused state of the Text Editor:

Border.Visible = aState.contains( Core::ViewState[ Focused ]);

Best regards

Paul Banach

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