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Hello I am receiving this error after i made some big changes.
The projects build but i wish i had made some backup of the Embedded Wizard side.


15:27:12.488> Initialize Display...                        [OK]
15:27:12.488> Initialize Touch Driver...                   [OK]
15:27:12.488> Initialize Memory Manager...                 [OK]
15:27:12.488> Initialize Graphics Engine...                [OK]
15:27:12.738> Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...        [OK]
15:27:12.738> Create Embedded Wizard Viewport...           [OK]
15:27:12.738> ---------------------------------------------
15:27:12.738> Target system                                STM32F756-Evalboard      
15:27:12.738> Color format                                 RGB888      
15:27:12.738> MemoryPool address                           0xC0124800  
15:27:12.738> MemoryPool size                              31158272 bytes
15:27:12.738> Framebuffer address                          0xC0000000  
15:27:12.738> Doublebuffer address                         0xC1EDB800  
15:27:12.738> Framebuffer size                             832 x 480 
15:27:12.738> EwScreenSize                                 480 x 800 
15:27:12.738> Graphics accelerator                         DMA2D      
15:27:12.738> Vector graphics support                      enabled      
15:27:12.738> Warp function support                        enabled      
15:27:12.738> Index8 bitmap resource format                enabled      
15:27:12.738> RGB565 bitmap resource format                enabled      
15:27:12.738> Bidirectional text support                   enabled      
15:27:12.738> Operating system                             FreeRTOS      
15:27:12.738> External flash device                        QSPI Flash      
15:27:12.738> Linker section for bitmap pixel data         .SectionEwResource      
15:27:12.738> Linker section for font pixel data           .SectionEwResource      
15:27:12.738> Toolchain                                    GCC      
15:27:12.738> C-Compiler version                           9.3.1      
15:27:12.738> Build date and time                          Oct 12 2021, 15:18:52  
15:27:12.738> Runtime Environment (RTE) version            10.00 
15:27:12.738> Graphics Engine (GFX) version                10.00 
15:27:12.738> Max surface cache size                       536870912 bytes
15:27:12.738> Glyph cache size                             800 x 480 
15:27:12.738> Max issue tasks                              100      
15:27:12.738> Surface rotation                             90      
15:27:12.738> ---------------------------------------------
15:27:19.268> System halted! [HardFault_Handler]

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can you provide some more details about the "big changes"?

According to the error message, it might be the case that there is some unallowed access during the display / framebuffer initialization.

Can you check the memory ranges defined in the linker script, the memory settings in ewconfig.h and the MPU settings?

Btw: The settings of surface cache size and glyph cache size seems to be too large - but this will not cause the reported issue.

If you want you can post your ewconfig.h file and the MPU settings as well as the address ranges of SDRAM and flash on the real system.

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply!

all the settings are valid, but i reduced the cache sizes by your comment, although they are exactly the Maximum values per stated by the comments in the ewconfig.h file.

Now i have moved the problem to a single screen which i made big changes for, when i open this screen the program will crash.
There was a situation where i did the following which made me lose code:

Find + Replace (in Embedded Wizard Studio Pro 10)
where i find the syntax for example "World" and replace it with "Hello World", this would cause infinite replace.

I am trying to get this code working again, i think it has something to do using class item without the 'new', because i changed the order of the code maybe.

Program running without crashing again, just got scared big time.

Ok, the changes are more related to the Embedded Wizard project than to the platform integration.

If there is something reproducible (e.g. infinite replace) - please let us know in order to improve that for further versions.

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