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I try to design some GUI using Embedded wizard, Raspberry Pi 4B and 1024x600 display.
Everything is fine, but when I start the prototyper I get some smaller screen ( 800x480 ) compared to the real physical display.
I set "Screen size" in profile configuration to 1024x600, but prototyper window continues to display data with some default resolution - 800x480?!
I have problem because display designed using prototyper differs from display shown at resolution 1024x600.
Is there a way to run the prototyper at 1024x600 resolution?

Thank you!

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changing the ScreenSize from <800x480> to <1024x600> will just increase the size that is "reserved" as display area for your GUI application - it does not mean that this area is filled somehow automatically.

If you want to have a GUI application with a native resolution of <1024x600> you should set ScreenSize to <1024x600> and the Bounds of the application class to <1024x600> (see adjust the size of the application component). Then you can add your GUI components and create the GUI application with the desired display size.

The Prototyper is always using the size defined by ScreenSize - but the entire area has to be used by the GUI application.

Does this already answer your question?

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