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I am creating small form .i am giving data from virtual keyboard and it is have multiple language (russian).

Now i am giving input form russian key ,The text value showing     XXX  (texteditor-not support).

Runtime : EMWI ERROR: code: 180, info1: "Application::Font34", info2: 1099
For details please visit https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/error

how to resolve the issue

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Hello GuruRamesh,

according to the error message 180 it is not possible to get the metrics for the requested glyph. This means, that the font resource does not contain some of the requested glyphs.

The error message contains the character code of the glyph that is not available - please check the Ranges attribute of your font resource and ensure that the selected TrueType font contains the necessary glyph range (e.g. Russian).

Best regards,



Hi Manfred,

    I have modified value in inspectors but still i am getting issue



Have you checked the Ranges attribute of your font resource? You have to ensure that the Russian character set is included there.

yes, have changed the range value .how to check Russian character is included or not
i have mention range is '0x400'-'0xFF','0'-'9'

this is correct ?  or

what is the range value (it need to accept russian and english)
No, this is not correct - try 0x20-0xFF, 0x400-0x4FF
yes.0x20-0x4FF.now it is working fine.

Thanks for your guidence.
Hi Manfred,

      when i enable pinniyin ,i am getting error.textbox not showing the chinese value,it is showing rectangle box.

    what is range value apply in font.

0x20-0x4FF-currenty i am using.it is accept engish and rusian but chinese not accpet

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