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   i am creating small form inputs are getting from  virtual keyboard.pinniyin keyboard is seperate example .

when i change the layout i want to change  texteditor property but i am not able to change .

how to integrate screen datafields in keyboard class .please help me toresolve this issue.

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Hello GuruRamesh,
If you want to add chinese character input, we can offer a custom module for Pinyin Input.
It provides a ready to use TextInput class which can interact with a Pinyin selection overlay.

With kind regards,

Hi Rudolf,

   Got it.My doubt is when i click globe button it is not interact with my application.

   keybaord run seperatly,so i am not able to mention screen values in extended keyboard class.it is throwing error

   error:unknow identifier
Hi GuruRamesh,
If you already have the extended virtual keaboard and Pinyin input, you can add a global input state handler, eg. an AutoObject.
Here you can attach observers from your applicaiton or from any instantiated TextInput to get informed about the input state setting.
This setting can be changed when pressing the globe burron within the extended virtual keyboard or from any other setting, like a menu.

With kind regards,

Hi  rleberfinger,

     I have created a class and texteditor was added .but i am not able to change the inspectors value during runtime

   example :

    Application::Globalsettings.Texteditior.PinyinEnabled=false;  //this property not reflect during runtime

  Application::GlobalSettings.PinyinToggle.Checked=false;   // it is not reflect during runtime


Hi GuruRamesh,

I assume that  Application::Globalsettings is an autoobject. In this case make sure that you always keep a reference on it to avoid losing changes you made on it. This can be done by creating a brick variable at which you set the autoobject. This ensures that you always get the same instance of your autoobject.

For further details about the lifetime of autoobjects have a look at: Lifetime of an autoobject

Best regards,


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