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What's the best way to RemoveAll() views from a Core::Group in 9.30?


I have the following in an UpdateViewState{} but it's retaining the views in RecMarkerGroup each time its executed.


var Core::Group RecMarkerGroup = new Core::Group;

RecMarkerGroup.Add(myview, 0);



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Hello Mike,

since the method RemoveAll() is not available in versions <= 9.30, you can implement following code to achieve the same effect:

// Get the first view existing within some GUI component (group)
var Core::Group group = ...; /* e.g. 'this' */
var Core::View  view  = group.FindNextView( null, Core::ViewState[]);

// Repeat as long as there are views to remove
while ( view != null )
  group.Remove( view );
  view = group.FindNextView( null, Core::ViewState[]);

See also: Enumerate and search views existing within the component.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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