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I am new to the Embedded Wizard, I am using Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with HDMI 7inch touch screen.

Image: Raspberry pi OS lite

Compiled and run the hello world example, I am facing the below error

EwBspTouchInit: No touch input device found!

Any clue what went wrong?

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first of all, please check that the touch device of the display is connected with the RasPi via a separate USB cable. Is this the case?

The next step would be to check that touch events are received within Linux - please check with evtest:

sudo apt-get install evtest

Then you should get the touch events printed as soon as you touch the screen. Does this work?

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Hello Manfred ,

Thanks for the information i installed evtest and verified the touch working .

I used as  #define TOUCH_DEVICE_NAME               "/dev/input/event0" 

I am able to fix with the below change

#define TOUCH_DEVICE_NAME               "/dev/input/event"



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